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Feb 11, 2013 09:45 PM

Dining suggestions in/near Bunkyo?

I'm staying at the Hotel Chinzanso (former Four Seasons) in Bunkyo in a week and am having some difficulty finding dining suggestions. I think I've done a fairly adequate search of Chow and am coming up empty handed. Any and all advice is welcome. Sushi, ramen, breakfast, Izakaya, etc. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Bunkyo is the name of the ward, which is not going to be very helpful. You need to drill down to a neighborhood level when you search. That hotel is pretty much in the center of the city and not particularly near a train station if I remember correctly. You can look for stuff in Shinjuku or Kagurazaka or Iidabashi or Suidobashi or Waseda University.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. The hotel appears to be in the middle of a triangle, surrounded by Gokokuji, Waseda to the SW, and Edogawabashi to the SE. If you or anyone has any more specifics, I'd love to hear them.

      Thanks, again.

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        I suggest looking closer at Kagurazaka, which is the closest dining destination neighborhood and is reasonably well-covered.

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          In Edogawabashi, you will have the 100's year unagi Ishibashi.. After near Iidabashi, exactly in Kudanshita, I will recommend you the sushi Masa at lunch.

          1. re: Ninisix

            There's also kabuto for unagi, if he feels like opening... and as Silverjay said, the wealth of Kagurazaka is right there - from Ishikawa and Kohaku, through that soba place (I forget the name, best one in the area on Tabelog, very close to Ishikawa), etc.

            Actually I can't think of any ramen I really like in the area...

            1. re: Gargle

              the station Kagurazaka is a 20mn walk from the Iidabashi - Kagurazaka street. The soba referred is soba Kyorakutei (one michelin star) : soba and some season specialties empura
              Here the links of unagi Ishibashi(in Edogawabashi), and the sushi Masa(near Iidabashi); if you are interested, click on the photos 写真ギャラリー
     lunch menu at 3,000.-yens
     (unaju at 3,800.-yens
              For ramen, the only place that I know is near Waseda, is a classic ramen base on niboshi dashi, shoyu,and some special bowl of mix chiken, pork, egg, bamboo shoot

      2. If you are looking for something a little different in terms of Ramen - there is a place for "Abura Soba" which is roughly translated as "Oil Soba."
        It is basically ramen that is served without broth and its wonderfully addictive after a night out.

        Medium thick ramen noodles are boiled and put in a bowl with some flavored oil and a few spoonfuls of broth. topped with menma (Braised bamboo shoots), Shredded dried nori, chashuu pork, a hal-fooked egg and a generous sprinkling of scallions and ground sesame, you can adjust the flavors to your liking with chili paste, vinegar (highly recommended) and their flavored oil.

        I love this place and it's something a little different.