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the bludso's golden state mash-up, has it opened up shop already ?

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didn't know if anyone has been yet or maybe it hasn't opened yet.

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  1. No. Feel free to start driving by tomorrow night?

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        i'll prolly drop by tonight or thurs, and/or wait till the wknd.

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          This monday, now, so it that president's day, or did it open last monday ?

          i'm presuming president's day since no one has already posted on their meals there yt.

        2. Today, Kevin. Today.

          Go forth and eat beef for the presidents.

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            Shit, I hope it's open late. I won't be able to get to that part of town until the late evening. Ironically, I guess I'll possibly be closer to Bludso's in Compton.

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              Hours today are 5pm to midnight. And they are scheduled to be open till midnight all week.

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                Wow, those are pretty darn healthy hours for my fucked up schedule.

                Thanks for the update. Somehow, I still don't think it has info on the bludso's website.

          2. Half of Chow / tumblr / instagram was there. Who was lucky enough to get some rib tips?

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              Then I'm glad I missed it last night if half of twitter, tumblr, and instagram were present.

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                Given that those are all virtual entities, and since 50% of 0 is still 0, you would have had nothing to worry about... ;-D>

            2. Their menu for the La Brea location just went up at this link:

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                      $29 TX sampler would put them out of biz.

                      There is a sampler.

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                  are the pork ribs spare ribs or baby backs?


                  1. re: linus

                    also been spare. since day 1,

                2. What is parking like?

                  1. Oh, I'll be in LA this summer and this place is SO on my list.

                    1. I'm rooting for this place to be a rousing success. So I can keep driving down to the Compton location and hopefully deal with less crowds and no price increase. May the success and higher prices of this place subsidize the prices in the original!

                      1. Hit Bludso's last night for dinner with a dining companion from Austin. Plenty of room when we were seated around 6:30; place was full with some waiting when we left at 8. Note -- parking is very difficult before 7 when street parking opens, valet is $6.50.

                        I waited for my companion at the bar -- friendly bartender, ridiculously narrow water glasses. Young lady a seat over ordered, said her bbq was delicious, but noted the pulled pork was cold and brisket was tough. Liked her greens. Comped her some new pulled pork.

                        We ordered a half-pound of brisket (fatty), same of pulled pork (with bark), small order of rib tips (two rather small ones), large mac'n'cheese (big bowl), and corn bread, both sauces on the side. Way more than enough food. For me the brisket was the highlight -- slices most with a fat ribbon in the middle, tender, delicious, juicy. I liked the hotter sauce. Pulled pork and mac both good. Rib tip I had was good with texture contrast. Liked the corn bread a lot -- not too sweet.

                        Prices were reasonable considering the WeHo area, the service, all the flatscreens, etc. Big meal for two, I still have enough for a good dinner, and my companion had a drink -- all for over $50 all-in. They do have a bit of an issue serving a large room with many customers at once and keeping the food hot. You check off a small form to order. Orders are presented family-style on trays, patrons are given plates to take their food, silverwear is on containers on the tables, as are rolls of paper towels.

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                          what did the person from austin think about the bbq?

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                            Yeah, I haven't gotten there myself yet. But I do like the pricing in that you can order just some brisket without sides, since after all most true 'cue aficionados hate sides at bbq joints. Also, I was going to try the brisket, unless they did serve beef ribs too.

                            I almost made it there, but it was kind of cold and rainy (yeah, I'm a baby, but it is LA).

                            Hopefully I'll get there this weekend.

                            So for you did the flavor and texture and smoke ring besides the brisket being lukewarm match up with Bludso's in Compton given that you have visited the location in Compton ?????

                            Thanks for the heads up.

                          2. How does this place compare to Phillips BBQ? Is there smoke coming out of the building? I don't eat at BBQ places if I can't see smoke everywhere.

                            1. I used to frequent the Bludso's in Compton. Is the food still tasty? Or should I keep making the scenic drive to the original location? Craving a pulled pork sandwich right about now.... Do they have the smokehouses and everything?

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                                According to our sources, that would be a resounding Yes.