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Feb 11, 2013 06:58 PM

Dried Italian sausages and dried cookies and lobster tails (the dessert)

I am looking for some good (not priced crazy, but appropriate) dried Italian sausages. The kind that you sometimes see hanging that people slice and eat with cheese? Any area between Woodbridge and TO would be great.
Also looking for Italian cookies by the pound. I loved a place up in Woodbridge, Sweet Boutique I think but they were a fortune. I am also looking for a place that will sell me those flaky lobster tails or clam shells. I am going to visit family and wanted to bake some off and fill them the day I go (don't live in TO, but come to shop).

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  1. I've seen Sfogliatelle (the lobster tail pastries) at St. Phillips.
    San Remo also sells Sfogliatelle:

    Also see these threads, for some other Italian bakery ideas:

    Centro Trattoria & Formaggi should have the sausages you're looking for.

    1. Tre Mari on St. Clair does Italian cookies - they have a big case of them are they are gooood. They sell by the pound and I don't recall them being all that expensive.

      1. Not sure where you're coming from but LaManna's (Kingston Rd./Port Union) has the lobster tails...I think they're $2 each.

        1. Thanks; I think I have eaten at Centro and have contacted a few bakeries. I've never been to St. Philiips. Fingers crossed!