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Feb 11, 2013 06:55 PM

Vancouver/Richmond: King Crab Season yet? Where to go?

I'm going to be in town with some friends later this week and am wondering if king crab season has started yet?

If so any recommendations on where to go? I'm presently debating the following options:

Sun Siu Wah- the origin
Red Star- good review in the local paper
Empire Seafood- recommended on another thread
Sea Harbor- recommended on another thread
Neptune- recommended by a Chinese acquaintance, but I don't know/trust their taste in restaurants

Can anyone help, please?


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  1. Not yet. Few more weeks. (Though "King Crab Season" is starting to lose its real meaning since the Alaskans changed the scheduling of the harvests).

    I would say Empire in Richmond if you are focusing on AKC. Red Star is good for an all-around upper-end Canto meal. Neptune is decent for dimsum.