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Feb 11, 2013 06:49 PM

Pies near Wooster Ohio

Will be traveling to Wooster this weekend and wanted to find a restaurant or bakery serving "authentic" amish pies. What would your recommend being the best in the area?

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  1. Mrs Troyers on North street in Wooster is good, but it is take-out only.

    Tulipan bakery on the square(south Market and Liberty) is excellant but they are more of a european bakery but they probably also have pie.

    Troyers in Apple Creek is a sitdown resturant and it will have the same selection as the smaller Wooster location. Its on the corner of Ohio 250 and county road 44. Beware the local cops because they are sticklers for speed.

    Der Essenhouse in Shreve is very good.

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