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Feb 11, 2013 06:34 PM

Dim Sum Cafe in Medford

Has anyone noticed the Dim Sum Cafe being worked on for opening in Medford on the Fellsway West? I can find no information about it. Curious if anyone knows any info about it.

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    1. re: aromatheraphie

      That's utterly brilliant! Thank you so much.

    2. Avoid at all cost... if you ever had dim sum, this is not the place to try it again. All there dim sum are frozen package that you can buy from any Chinese super market. If you want to trick your customers, at least buy it from places that normal people won't be able to find.
      Literally, if you buy an order of shiu mai which cost $7 for 8 pieces at this place (way to much, but if its good, it could be worth the price), you can find one that looks, design and taste the same as the one you buy in Chinatown frozen package dim sum section.. 20 pieces for 4.99. (it has the little dried shrimp on top) Nice profit margin.. Same goes for the shrimp dumpling, which is sold at 8 pieces for $7.75 but at the supermarket it’s again 20 pieces for $4.99. The reason why i know this was because i just brought them from the supermarket the other day and had it, and the taste was horrible. Thanks Dim Sum Cafe for making me pay triple for frozen food that i have to experience again...
      I also order BBQ pork bun. This is by far the funniest part of my night. The buns still have the paper on the bottom that says Prime Food/ Me Food. Like really? At least get rid of the sticker. Prime Food (kar kar) is consider one of the most well-known brand for prepackaged frozen food in the supermarket. But they always go on sale, three packages for $10. each package contains 10 buns, thus 30 buns for $10, a avg of .30 a bun. This place charged me four buns for $5. (four buns x .3 = 1.2 cost) Profit this time its four times the cost.
      Other items i tried was their bbq pork rice noodle roll and beef rice noodle roll. It was funny as they told me its not like the regular dim sum you get from Chinatown, they modify it. I was intrigue of course, but now i know why. They use plain rice noodle you buy from again PRIME FOOD, and then they put the meat on top of it. Like really??? That's so creative..... not...
      In addition i tried their Japanese shui mai, 12 peices for $6. I have to say this is the only food item I order that I felt good about. Almost every restaurant uses frozen prepackage for this item on the menu, so i'm not going to complain about this item on the menu.
      Just to conclude, I do not know how this owner (an idiot) would think they can get by with just buying frozen items from a local chinatown supermarket and resale it to customers. At least buy it from a warehouse like AGAR.. its the oldest trick in the book. Again avoid at all cost… this is a disgrace to Chinese food.
      (Please note: i only order six things from the menu (totaling a little over $40), and this is not a dim sum restaurant, as the entire menu only contains 15 dim sum items. Everything else is a normal American-Chinese take-out restaurant, thus the name of this place is already deceiving to start with)

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      1. re: fyyu168

        I generally assume these types of places just reheat frozen dim sum items. If you don't do a lot of volume there's now way you will be able to afford to employ skilled cooks who can produce a large variety of dim sum items on a daily basis.

        As far as I can tell, Dim Sum Chef in the HK Supermarket food court in Allston does the same thing.

        1. re: fyyu168

          Looks like the restaurant (in a very gracious, genuine reply) wrote back to your inflammatory post, on Facebook...

          1. re: Prav

            Gracious and genuine perhaps, but awfully equivocal:

            "As with almost all restaurants, and similar Chinese restaurants, there are a few dim sum items on the menu that are not personally made. These items, however, are not purchase from your regular Chinese supermarket. These items are purchased from similar vendors as the dim sum restaurants from Chinatown. Despite this, other items on our menu are made to order such as our shrimp sticky rice noodle. "

            Which items? Are there items that are not made in-house at Hei La Moon or Great Taste? I'd be curious to know.

            And are they really claiming that they make their shrimp cheung fun to order? In reality they are almost certainly referring to a process of heating up purchased cheung fun, perhaps with freshly cooked or reheated shrimp. Making fresh cheung fun (on a cloth suspended over a steam bath) is a true rarity in small shops in the US.

        2. Just curious if there are any new reports beyond fyyu168's admonishment. The yelp reviews don't exactly give me much confidence - they're all praising or panning things like pad thai. Not sure why someone would think that pad thai was a good indicator of quality for a supposed dim sum joint, but ....

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          1. re: jgg13

            I ordered from there one day and was treated to some pretty bad food. I complained on their FB page and was told I can come in and get a refund. I noticed several other complaints as well. I only ordered apps, but they were pretty terrible. They were old and were clearly cooked at a much earlier date. I ended up throwing most of it out because I couldn't get my teeth through it. The chicken wings they gave me were all bruised and had broken bones...every single one in the entire order.

          2. The original comment has been removed