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Feb 11, 2013 06:24 PM

Dungeness crab/San Jose area restaurants

My son and I will be in the Santa Clara/San Jose area later this month, and I'm looking for restaurants where we can enjoy some dungeness crab. It's our family's #1 goal when we're in the area during the season. (My husband actually stashed live crabs on ice in overhead storage on a flight to Chicago. Don't ask, but they were delicious...)

We'll have a car. Many thanks.

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  1. Blue Water Seafood and Crab (860 Willow Street, San Jose 95125) is a newish seafood place just outside of downtown Willow Glen. They specialize in mixed seafood steamed in buckets with corn and potatoes, and the seasoning of your choice. I like the spicy garlicky "sharkey sauce". I know they have Dungeness crab available. Also a good beer selection.

    Good luck and have fun.