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Feb 11, 2013 06:22 PM

New(ish) delicious, over-the-top breakfast burger at The Stockyards

I haven't been to The Stockyards since early summer. It used to be one of my favourite Sunday breakfast spots. We'd always go when they open at 9, so never had a problem getting a seat at the kitchen bar.

Finally revisited yesterday and saw that they added a new menu item: the CHICKEN FRIED BREAKFAST BURGER. Two burger patties (maybe 4 oz each?), coated and deep fried, served open faced on english muffin halves that had been smeared with their smoked jalapeno & aged cheddar mayo, topped with poached eggs, and served up with a ladle of their excellent sausage gravy. If that doesn't sound decadent enough, I asked for it on one of their ridiculously good biscuits instead of an english muffin. That totally sent it over the top.

It was probably my entire week's worth of calories, fat and salt, but damn, it was worth it. The burger patties themselves don't have a load of flavour, but the crunch from the fried coating, plus the jalapeno cheddar mayo, plus the sausage gravy, all with an oozy poached egg? Crazy decadent goodness.

It's a good thing I now live too far away to go to the Stockyards very often. I think I gained 5 pounds from that meal.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sounds delicious! Workout required post-meal.

      1. OMG, gotta go! I wish they would do brunch the rest of the week instead of just weekends.

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        1. re: sbug206

          Just a note that I'm pretty sure this is on their Sunday brunch menu only.

        2. I saw the pic you tweeted Jo and it does indeed look awesome.

          If only it were more convenient on the weekend.


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          1. re: Davwud

            Ha, thanks for reminding me about the picture. Not great quality, but here it is. Remember that I asked for mine on one of their massive biscuits. I imagine the "fit" is better on the english muffin.

            Oh, and if you're coming from home, I've found the fastest route is 401 > Allen > Eglinton > Oakwood > St. Clair It's only fast before 10 or 11am on Sunday, as the Allen can get mucky later in the day.

          2. That's so funny Toronto Jo. I'm there every Sunday @ 9 as well, but I usually just get biscuits to go, But this week when I was there, Lisa was describing the new Chicken Fried Breakfast Burger. It really does sound over the top, which is what you want every once in a while. I'm glad it lived up to the hype!!