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Feb 11, 2013 06:21 PM

Which TO/GTA restaurants would you trek 40 minutes out of your way to visit?

There aren't too many places I would travel more than 40 minutes out of my way to visit on a regular basis.
I make a few trips to Markham/Richmond Hill/Scarborough (carpooling and cramming in several stops on these trips) each year, and I visit Cafe Polonez/Chopin/Campagnolo/Enoteca Sociale a couple times a year (roughly 40 minute TTC trip each way).

Which restaurants would you go 40+ minutes out of your way to visit?

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  1. i think it takes me like 30-40 minutes usually to drive up to dr laffa

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    1. re: disgusti

      There is a Dr Laffa on Bathurst south of Lawrence

      1. re: Luvtooeat

        Not when disgusti replied there wasn't.


        1. re: Davwud

          Seriously ??

          New Location
          Now Open!
          3023 Bathurst Street
          Tel: 647-352-9000
          Tel: 647-352-9001

          GREAT FOOD

          1. re: Luvtooeat

            It's only been open a couple months.


    2. well transit in TO is such a pain in the ass that, really, getting anywhere with the TTC takes about 40 minutes, door to door. unless you live on ossington and dundas or queen west or something, i suppose.

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      1. re: autopi

        The travel time (driving, taxi or TTC- usually TTC has worked out to be faster for me) is why I only end up dining out on Ossington, in Parkdale or in Leslieville maybe twice a year.

        Although I don't tend to want to spend more than 40 minutes en route to dinner, I'd much rather be sitting on a streetcar than looking for parking on Ossington.

        1. re: prima

          I would drive quite a distance to eat at Lahore Tikka House which is about forty minutes.

      2. Teddy's in Oshawa but mainly as a nostalgia thing as it was our weekly haunt when I was a child. Haven't been in a few years though so I can't comment on quality

        1. As I posted in another thread, I wouldn't. Quite simply as I drove those 40 minutes (or longer) I'd pass a number of places that would work for me as well.

          That said, if I have someplace to go that's across town I may decided on a place in that area but that's not strictly for the purpose of dining.


          1. Forty minutes? How about 20 minutes? Given Toronto traffic nowadays, I'm reluctant to drive more than 20 to get to a choice joint, no matter how good. But I'll make an exception for Universal Grill, at Dupont and Shaw, whenever I crave their dry-rub ribs. Most everything else is pretty good there, too. From my humble hutch near Yonge and York Mills, it's about 40 minutes, including an annoying search for a side-street parking spot. Slightly shorter drive on Sundays, with the added inducement of Universal's free bring-your-own wine (no corkage fee) that evening.