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Feb 11, 2013 06:21 PM

Staying in Fells Point on Saturday night. Looking for a great brunch on Sunday.

Good food is a must, as are good drinks (I'm thinking hair of the dog will be necessary). Is there anyone nearby that makes a proper mimosa and/or bloody mary?

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  1. Slainte makes a very good Bloody. Their food is OK.

    1. Ale Mary's has a nice brunch with $3.00 bloody marys. Interesting neighborhood bar -

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        I've been to Slainte for brunch and yes, their drinks are good, but you're right...the food is just OK.

        Went to Ale Mary's for dinner a few months back and liked it a lot. The brunch menu looks interesting...maybe we'll give this a shot.


      2. Zee Mean Bean has a Jazz Brunch on Sunday's...can't speak for how the drinks is great!

        1. I like Alexander's. If you're looking for bottomless bloodies, Red Star and Kooper's do that. One Eyed Mike's has an array of mimosas and bloodies. I'm more of a savory brunch person, and although it's not brunch per se, Thames St. Oyster House opens at 11:30 and is excellent.