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Feb 11, 2013 06:12 PM

One-stop baking supplies store in Scarborough/North York?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a one-stop baking supplies store in the Scarborough/North York area? Not only carries baking tools but also flour, yeast, etc. Preferably a Chinese baking supply store.

I'm in particularly looking for High Gluten Flour, Vital Wheat Gluten, and tapered rolling pins like these. I could not find them in regular supermarkets.

Thanks you!


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  1. bulk barn for the first two for sure - high gluten flour is called "hard wheat" or "bread flour"

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    1. re: jo_jo_ba

      agreed on the bulk barn--i pick up my wheat gluten there whenever there's a $3 off coupon available. . .i don't bother buying high gluten flour--i just supplement all purpose with approx. one tbsp of gluten per cup of flour. . .

    2. i picked up my tapered rolling pin at cayne's warehouse in north york, although tap phong downtown also carries them. mind you, the taper on mine isn't nearly as pointed as the picture. . .

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      1. re: afong56

        Thanks for all your tips!

        I contacted Tap Phong and was told they don't have tapered rolling pins.

        1. re: ericdunn

          Try madame gâteaux at Woodbine and danforth. Mostly a cake decorating place so I'm not sure about flour (but there is a bulk shop across the street) she should have the rolling pins.

          1. re: ericdunn

            haha, that was definitely a tapered french rolling pin i held in my hands there just before xmas. . .maybe they sold out, but they have/had them. . .i bought the last one at cayne's, but they should restock the item as it's on their website. . .

            1. re: afong56

              afong56: When you say "there", do you mean Tap Phong? How tapered was it, slightly or as tapered as the ones in the picture?

              1. re: ericdunn

                as i mentioned before, not as tapered.
                this is it:

                tap phong has the exact same one, but a few dollars more expensive. you could of course buy a nice thick dowel from the big box hardware store and cut/sand it down to your personal specs. . .

            2. re: ericdunn

              HA! The person on the phone at Tap Phong probably just doesn't know their inventory. That place is such a mess, how could you know? (As you can tell, not a fan.)

              I have my doubts any of the usual suspects in the east (Kitchen Stuff Plus, HomeSense. The Bay) will have that rolling pin.

              There are several professional kitchen supply places in Scarborough. Maybe spend some more time letting your fingers do the walking.

          2. Hi,
            Grain Process Enterprises - 105 Commander Blvd., Scarborough, ON Telephone: 416 - 291 3226 will have whatever supplies you need, but not the rolling pins. For those I would suggest Williams Sonoma (if you don't mind paying a premium). That's where I bought mine.

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            1. re: StayThirsty

              Thanks for your detailed tips, StayThirsty!

              I just checked Williams Sonoma's website. The French tapered rolling pin is list as $22.18 ( They sell stick rolling pins in Chinese supermarkets for under $1. For the $21.18 difference I can try sanding down the two ends myself. What a rip-off Williams Sonoma shop is.

            2. I think I saw these at the "household" store in the basement of Metro Square (Steeles and Ferrier). I actually think I bought one there.