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Feb 11, 2013 05:27 PM

John Mull's Meats

Anyone know anything about John Mull Meats? Is it busy on Fridays for lunch? What meats are the best?

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    1. Thank you, I was hoping you would there any farmers markets or good stores with killer fruit in Henderson or Vegas. We live in Bullhead City and it's desolate down here

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        On another thread, QAW commented:

        Your best bet for items along these lines would likely be the Thursday/Friday Farmers Markets put together by Kerry Clasby. On Thursday's they are at Springs Preserve (333 South Valley View) from 10 AM to 1 PM), and on Friday's they are at the Downtown 3rd terminal (corner of Casino Center and Stewart) from 9 AM to 2 PM.

      2. I ate there last week for the first time. They were out of brisket, but had tri-tip, so I got that, plus pulled pork and the hot links - all part of the three meat platter which included two sides. The tri-tip was very good as was the pulled pork. I was expecting a whole hot link, but instead it was served up sliced in a very sweet bbq sauce which I thought, took away from the flavor of the sausage. The sides were excellent. I had baked beans and macaroni salad. It wasn't crowded at all, but I went around 3:30pm and the weather was great, so we ate outside. I felt it was a nice experience. Not classic bbq as you may be used to, but something slightly different. People serving were very nice too. Enjoy it if you go.

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          They'll give you a whole unsliced hot link, without the sauce, if you ask. That's the way I always get it when I go there.

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            It's not classic BBQ nor is it any kind of BBQ. Everything is grilled. They don't smoke anything.

            1. re: shamu613

              Wasn't that your post last year, titled "At last! Good BBQ" ?

              Have they changed, or has your opinion changed?

              1. re: Steve Green

                Good point Steve. There is no bbqing going on there, yet it is the best BBQ in town.

                1. re: shamu613

                  Sad state of affairs, isn't it? Much like San Diego, where the best BBQ (Phil's) isn't BBQ either, but just grilled meat.

                  1. re: Steve Green

                    All hope is not lost in Las Vegas yet - Rollin' Smoke Barbeque (3185 South Highland) sits in an out of the way location, but is run by folks that care about what they are doing, and get a lot of things right. You can see the smokers in the parking lot, and the side dishes also bring some character.

                    1. re: QAW

                      Funny you mention this place. I just ate there a couple of hours ago for the first time.

                      First of all, the's in a somewhat run down cluster of businesses right next to an overpass and within shouting distance of the strip clubs. I don't see how they're going to survive here, let alone thrive but I do wish them well. Inside, things are slightly cheerier. A clean decor greets you, along with the friendly folks. You order at a small podium and then take a seat, and the food is brought out to you.

                      I ordered The Trio. For $13 you get sliced brisket, pulled pork and sliced pieces of hot link. All were bathed in a sauce and served in a basket along with a small bun, and choice of one side which was baked beans, and a soda.

                      The brisket and pulled pork were average. There was a bit too much fat on the brisket, and the sauce gave them both (especially the pulled pork) a rather mushy consistency. The hot link pieces fared better, as they held their snap even though doused in the same sauce. The baked beans were good, and had pieces of slightly charred hot link included. Actually I thought the baked beans were the best part of the meal, the hot link next and the brisket and pulled pork the least enjoyable.

                      All in all, the visit didn't make me want to hurry back there anytime soon. If I do go back, I'd ask if they'd serve the meats minus the sauce. Still, I'd rate this as one of the better barbecue options in Vegas, although as we all know there isn't much in the way of quality choices here to choose from. If I had to pick between here or John Mull's Meats I'd take John Mull's, even though it's a lot longer drive from where I live.

                      1. re: QAW

                        Never heard of this place but drove by today and saw billowing smoke! It LOOKS promising!