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Feb 11, 2013 05:10 PM

Punch Pizza

Does anyone know how to not get the gloppy middle of the pizza here? Do you get it well done? Do you get it uncut? Thoughts?

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  1. Go to Black Sheep instead. :-)

    1. Some folks really like the wet style. And yes, uncut.I often ask for extra olive oil, making it extra wet. Decidedly, it's not for everyone. But it has its fans.

      1. I've found that Pizza Nea does a decent job with (somewhat) the style of Punch, but with a crispier/sturdier crust.

        1. When I used to go to Punch more often, I'd ask for it well done. Then I risked some serious char, but that was often a better option.

          1. Order a non-gloppy combination of ingredients (i.e., choose dry things, not wet things), and ask for it well done. Problem solved!

            P.S. My husband and I fight over the pieces with "serious char". Those black bubbles are worth their weight in gold!