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Feb 11, 2013 04:57 PM

Valentine cupcakes for preschool

I'm making cupcakes for my son's Valentine party at his preschool. Does anyone have any healthy-ish cupcake recipes that are still appropriately festive? I found some on the Eating Well website, but I haven't tried any of them. Any suggestions would be appreciated (there are no allergies in the class). Thanks!

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  1. You could always go with good old carrot cake.

    1. How about just making them mini?

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        Another vote for mini, which are probably also easier to handle for kids that age.

      2. You could sub one-half whole wheat flour. And/or make them mini. And avoid food coloring.

        If you make mini muffins & add frosting & a cute heart candy, little ones are just as delighted.

        1. You might consider using a muffin recipe instead of true cupcakes. Use a frosting containing fruit puree. Sub out some applesauce for the some of the oil or butter. Also, as suggested above, making minis is a great idea. At that age, they won't likely debate the cupcake vs muffin issue.

          1. For my nephew's 1st birthday I made the apple-cinnamon cupcakes from Eating Well and they were a hit. I also made them mini which worked great for little hands (as mentioned previously). I didn't use their frosting recipe though, since my brother asked me to minimize my use of granulated sugar so I used barely sweetened whipped cream with a whisper of cinnamon in it. It was really soft (I didn't use any additives to stabilize it) but it lasted long enough to be eaten.

            For my nephew's 2nd birthday I made banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting from this article. To cut even more fat I used just eggwhites instead of the whole eggs, but I think that was a mistake. They ended up a little tough, so I'd advise using the whole eggs as written. But the taste was good, like a simple banana bread.

            Don't forget a few sprinkles if you can! Even just a bit of colored sugar or rainbow jimmies will make them seem quite festive!