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Feb 11, 2013 03:59 PM

Li Hing Mui powder?

Hi! Where can I buy li hing mui powder to use in cocktails? Specific locations appreciated, thank you!

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  1. Any Murakai or Mitsuwa market will have it.

    I've seen it also at SG Superstore and Hawaii Market, but can't guarantee availability as I don't know if it's a regularly stocked item.

    1. I tend to see it at Japanese markets that also serve a Hawaiian clientele. I've seen it in Marukai, but not at Nijiya. At least that's been my experience.

      I'd add that a lot of li hing mui has aspartame, these days. And frankly, those taste pretty nasty.

      The best I've tried is really spendy compared to how cheap the powder normally is. But it is quite delicious.


      1. Marukai Super Market or Amazon .com

        1. I've seen it in bulk at Wing Hop Fung in Chinatown pretty inexpensive. You also can order online from Hawaii at Wholesale Unlimited and Lin's Market.

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            ill try the chinatown option first since it's in LA and marukai and mitsuwa when i visit the south bay. thanks everyone!