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Feb 11, 2013 03:11 PM

Qingdao Garden, Cambridge -- yum!

We've just inhaled a superlative meal from Qindao Garden, delivered cheerfully despite the weather. Shredded pork with Peking sauce, noodles with pork and pickled cabbage and string beans with ginger. All really delicious and a perfect combo. Remember these nice folks next time you're in the mood!

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  1. Tagging the most recent Qingdao thread I could locate to say:

    Last night we meandered into Qingdao after far too long an absence, and had as delicious a meal as I've ever had there. The pork & leek dumplings were near perfection in terms of wrapper density/tenderness and juicy filling. But the piece de resistance, what I can't get anywhere else: the boiled fish filet in fiery sauce. Glorious. Best they've done it, in my experience. Numbing, flavorful, salty, spicy, a flaky meaty fish.

    Yes please.

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    1. re: litchick

      If the fish is 水煮鱼 ("water cooked fish," a bowl of fish served over a pile of napa and garnished with a pile of chopped garlic) then you can get it at pretty much every Sichuan restaurant as well as several of the Taiwanese restaurants. "Gourmet Dumpling House" has an excellent version, and I think MuLan is also reported to have a good version as well. Most places have beef and pork versions as well.

      It could also be 沸腾鱼 ("boiling fish" with some kind of thin noodle instead of cabbage) which is a lot less common.

        1. re: maillard

          Then it's likely to be the first one, water cooked fish. I've only had the other one once before, thanks to Hargau, at Top Garden.

    2. I love their dumplings. I ordered from there once and the owner did the delivery. He was telling me all about the restaurant and that I should stop in and try some of his special dishes. I will definitely go! Thanks for the great review!