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Feb 11, 2013 02:38 PM

Finding [ lunch around 68th and 69th and lexington ]

Where can we have lunch around 68th and 69th and lexington in Manhattan?

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  1. Can I suggest you change the Caption of your post to something like 'Lunch E 60s' vs the non-descript "Finding?" What does that mean? Few will open it.

    And add more details - day of week, price range, ambiance, cuisine, how many people, etc

    That said, without knowing such details of what you want: Park Avenue Winter; Sofia's fabulous grill

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      We added the location details to the title, but womanofsea, if you'd rather it read something different, hit flag and leave a comment letting us know. We're happy to change it again.

    2. JG Melon is a few blocks uptown. Excellent burgers. Cash only!