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Feb 11, 2013 02:36 PM

Good Food in Mariposa, CA?


Later this week I'll be spending an evening and morning in Mariposa, CA "gateway to Yosemite!" and wonder if there's any Chowish worthy places there?

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  1. Actually there are few places that are pretty good there.


    A good as it is going to get.

    Sugar Pine Cafe for breakfast.

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      Wow. Savourey's looks great. It may be a bit more upscale than I'm looking for during this trip, but good to know. Thanks.

    2. I love Savourey's in Mariposa. There's also a little motel with a restaurant attached that makes great sandwiches and breakfasts. The name escapes me but it is right on the main drag-- Little River Inn? something like that.

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      1. Last time through we really enjoyed Sal's Taco Truck located in the parking lot of the Historical Museum, which has several wood picnic tables on the grounds to sit and enjoy.

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          Yes, I've stopped at Sal's truck several times on my way to or from Yosemite; good and fast, and for those who need a traditional pit stop, there are clean public restrooms on the edge of the parking lot as well. The carnitas are good. Ramon's Taco Truck in Planada 40 mins or so west on 140 is better, but not as good a location for a pit stop. I think Sal's may be the best lunch in Mariposa (certainly the best quick lunch), and has become our go-to choice. (Savoury's is closed lunch, or at least has been whenever I've been by lately; I think they do Sunday brunch still, I had brunch there several years ago). Sal's usually has a bit of a crowd at lunch time on a weekday but the wait is never long.

          The other must stop in Mariposa when it is open (closed Sundays) is Jantz baked goods and pie in Merced and Mariposa counties combined. They have sandwiches also, and good coffee. No public restrooms though so you might as well get your cookies to go and enjoy after your tacos. Both are on the left right in town as one is heading east towards Yosemite, on 140.