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Feb 11, 2013 01:52 PM

Rome restaurant rec

Spoke with native of Rome yesterday regarding rec. for upcoming trip. He suggested Osteria Del Sostegno. Anyone in "CHOW world" ever been there? Grazie.

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  1. Never heard of it. It looks a bit touristy, from the web site (and the location) but looks can be deceiving i know.

    1. I ended up there once because the space used to be Vito's, an extremely informal hole-in-the-wall with shared wooden tables and a pin-spot of outdoor seating under a trellis. Its former owner once made for me a memorable soupy risotto of radicchio when I was coming down with pneumonia, and while that didn't alone cure me, it probably helped mightily.

      The "new" space (it's been around for several years) has lots of cramped individual tables and I seem to recall tablecloths and real wine glasses. About all that was kept of Vito's was the same miniscule kitchen and the same neon green "Trattoria" sign outside. Place was packed with young-ish people, many in groups, some dandling cute babies while they ate. I don't much remember my meal except the eggs with truffles that I ordered as a secondo never arrived, no explanation. (I let it pass.). I guess they forgot, but I wondered if perhaps they were trying to discourage the tourist trade. Prices were quite fair for that neighborhood.