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Feb 11, 2013 01:13 PM

Private Room for 30th bday

Hello, I would like suggestions for a restaurant (pretty much anywhere in manhattan, no neighborhood preference) for a Saturday night dinner in March. There will be approx 15 people and we would prefer a private room. I am hoping to keep it around $60 a person give or take. Something fun with excellent food. No Mexican Food or Japanese please! So far, I have been suggested to check out Freemans, Beauty & Essex, maialino & Hearth but I have not eaten at any of these places and cannot vouch for the food. Suggestions and Advice are welcomed... Thank You in advance

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  1. OMG get the back room at Supper in the east village. Its a prix fixe all you can drink multi course meal. You get your own waitstaff, ipod stereo dock, and bathroom.

    Its the best. They are so nice.

    We have done this party there maybe 6 times over the years.

    Cash only though.

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    1. re: laserbeams

      Supper is good, but probably not worth the - correct me if I'm wrong - $75 price tag just for food for that large a group.

      morganeats, please keep in mind that you are likely to be required to do a special large groups prix fixe at most places, so when you call each restaurant, ask that question.

      Would you consider Chinese food? Chinese restaurants won't do this to you, and you will be able to work out your own banquet menu with them, either in advance or when you get there. For $60, you could get some high-quality fish and seafood if you so desired.

      1. re: Pan

        For my group of friends it is pretty worth it since the 75$ price includes unlimited wine and beer; which they are certainly not stingy about. We are all pretty thirsty people. :)

        1. re: laserbeams

          I thought wine was extra. I guess I misremembered that?

    2. Of the ones you listed, I'd do Maialino, then Hearth. However, I really doubt that you can do Maialino for $60pp. This blog post indicates that the food alone is $95pp with a $1250 minimum before tax and gratuity.

      Hearth's site indicates that they can do a set tasting (without any choices) for a negotiable price. However, if you want a prix fixe with options for each course, it will set you back $75pp.

      Public has semi private dining for $60pp.

      1. Congee Village in Allen St. has worked very well for me in similar occasions, especially with thirsty guests (they have excellent litchee martinis). The menu is large and there are plenty of options for " gringo" eaters, and you can make as much noise as you like.

        1. You can try alta. You have enough people to order their entire menu.

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          1. re: RebelWithaCause

            I called alta because the menu look amazing, but its $2500 food minimum, which is too much for us unfortunately ;(

            1. re: morganeats

              ok well you dont have to do the whole menu! Trust me, you will enjoy.

          2. it's not a private room, but for my 30th birthday, my wife arranged for a group to eat downstairs at hill country. they brought out platters and platters of food, there was an open bar, and there was music. i'm pretty sure that it ended up being less than $60/person, and we had an awesome time.

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            1. re: jon

              Hill Country would certainly be fun, but it is hard to imagine---really hard!--- that with any amount of drinking, one could get out with $60 a person. I would guess more like $100.

              1. re: swannee

                At Hill Country, if you do a large group and arrange it ahead of time, they will do a prix fixe for $45pp. 3 meats, 3 sides, 2 desserts, cornbread and spread.


                1. re: kathryn

                  yeah, we did the $45pp for food then the $15 pp for beer and wine. looking at the link kathryn sent, they have a $20 pp open bar option too, putting the cost at $65 pp.

                  1. re: jon

                    I guess I just eat and drink more..