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Feb 11, 2013 01:10 PM

New Chinese.. "House of Pancake" 937 Taraval bet 19th and 20th [San Francisco]

I drove by..has anyone been??? Intriguing name!!!

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  1. Sounds like a Michele's or Beijing Pie house. Hopefully it is close to those in quality and value.

    1. house of pancakes has 11 kinds of fillings for their pancakes.. pancakes pretty thin, almost crispy. chewy , much better than xlb. pretty good.

      hand pulled noodles made in house, thick as udon, lamb hand pulled noodle had tender chunks of meat , lamb broth and spinach strands. no msg tasted. noodles almost al dente.

      skewers, dumplings, apps, casseroles also on menu.

      1. Yesterday we tried the beef hand pull noodle, beef pancake, green onion pancake, pork dumplings, zha jiang mian, and chicken fried rice. I thought all were quite good. Noodles had the properly chewy texture.

        Service a bit lacking as there was only one waiter. He was quite pleasant and there was no problem with ordering and getting dishes, but tables were not cleared for several minutes after diners left.

        1. anyone have any idea what their hours are? yelp is no help.

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            I called and got some information. It's closed on Wednesdays. Open for lunch and dinner the other days until 10pm. I asked whether it closes in the afternoon between lunch and dinner service and the answer was "yes" but I'm not sure I was understood completely.

            Next one there, please fill us in.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              oh wow, you rock. it's out of my way, but i'm definitely going to have to check out the noodle situation soonish.

              1. re: possumspice

                This is so not out of my way! I am walking distance and keep forgetting to look this place up after passing by it all the time. I will make a trip soon and report back.

                Also, what an unfortunate name choice. It will get lost in searches, especially with IHOP.

                1. re: possumspice

                  It's far for me too. I just wanted to make it easier for more 'hounds to decide to give it a try.

                  Keep the reports coming.

            2. Stopped by on Sunday at 3pm. The staff was eating, but they were definitely open. Hours 11:30am-10pm every day except closed on Wednesday.

              SO and I ordered the beef pancake (told it was the most popular) and the mustard (misspelled as "master") green and pork hand pulled noodles. Both cost $6.95.

              Maybe it was because the restaurant was empty, but the waiter/owner was extremely friendly and chatty. I watched the woman, whose photo appears on the menu, pull the noodles and she smiled as I peered over. It appears they pull to order.

              The pancake was large and thick, cut into quarters and served with sliced cucumbers and tomato. My SO loved it and it was his first time eating chinese pancakes. The exterior was crispy and near greaseless. The interior was juicy and tender in the "barely cooked" way I prefer. If I could suggest one improvement I would say I prefer my exteriors about 1 shade darker brown. The accompanying oil based chili sauce (homemade?) was an excellent accompaniment.

              The pork noodles were excellent. Nice pieces of pork, some with fat and a combination of some fresh greens and salted mustard greens. As others have noted the noodles were wonderfully al dente, and cooked a bit more when we got to the bottom of the bowl. The clear broth tasted clean, not too salty. We were given two bowls and a ladle to share the soup. One one of the wait staff (noodle pulling lady) saw me struggling serve the long noodles with my chopsticks, so she ferried over a pair of scissors.

              Looking forward to trying more of the menu and excited for this new addition on this stretch of Taraval. I posted some pics on Yelp (more phone friendly).