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Feb 11, 2013 12:11 PM

Help -- I overcooked my applesauce bundt cake!

With most other kinds of cakes, I would pierce and moisten with some kind of sugar syrup like citrus. Any suggestions for saving this cake, or for a flavor that wont totally clash?

I was going to put a caramel glaze on it, now I'm not so sure if I'll be serving it at all. To clarify, it's not burnt, just overdone (I baked for correct time, but left it on convection by mistake). Thanks for any suggestions!

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    1. re: junescook

      A good idea, but the cake was for someone who doesn't eat dairy.

    2. I sometimes put lemon glaze on an applesauce-spice cake that I make, and it works pretty well. You might want to reconsider that lemon syrup idea.

      1. How about a drizzle of hazlenut liquour?

        1. A caramel simple syrup might work, or an apple juice reduction.

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          1. re: maxie

            I was going to suggest apple juice reduction, too. I see the OP made another cake, but I'd still try to salvage the first one, somehow.

            Winter trifle?

          2. If your person doesn't eat dairy, you'd have a VERY tough time making a caramel sauce (been there, tried that, 3 failures). Cranberry is complementary flavor with apple, so maybe a cranberry-sugar syrup?

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            1. re: MidwesternerTT

              The caramel glaze was only going to cover 70% of the cake.