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Feb 11, 2013 12:00 PM

Dutch Oven Recipes for a Novice

Any hints on using a dutch oven? Any amazing recipes using a dutch oven that you make? Thank you!

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  1. Could you describe your dutch oven? Size, material, etc? What you like to cook? Have you braised meat before?

    1. It is cast iron and quite large. I got it at Costco. It could easily hold a whole chicken. I'd like a recipe for beef or chicken to start.

      1. Braise something like beef short ribs in stock and red wine. Braising is usually one of the easiest things because you just get it started and then let it go in the oven. Short ribs I think are the easiest. There are tons of recipes all over the Internet for them.

        If your heart is set on chicken, take a look at Coq au Vin which is a classic and works well in a dutch oven.

        Another option is to make a soup of some kind. I often use mine for hearty stews or thicker soups like chicken wild rice.

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          Braising is the bomb! Short ribs, a chuck roast, chicken (cut up), but whatever cut you choose - searing is a must!

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            I agree with the both of you Braised short ribs are an incredible way to introduce a novice to the wonderful world of dutch oven.

            This is a really great recipe for awesome braised short ribs:

        2. Here are a couple I really like, pot roast is a great way to get acquainted with braises:

          This one is my favorite flavor combination, but I skip the cream and horseradish step:

          1. Boeuf Bourginon (I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong) is my favorite! I don't have my own dutch oven but I used my moms when I lived close to her.

            But if you want something quicker and easy, this recipe was quite good. I have a small 2.5 qt enameled cast iron casserole and it worked out OK, but it would have been great in a bigger pot.

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