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Bay Area this weekend with a child

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We are heading up from LA for a last minute 4 day weekend vacation. We will be with our 4 year old son who is generally well behaved and a good eater. With what maybe inconsistent napping, the behavior maybe an issue but we will play things by ear. We are planning to hit some of our favorite spots from our days in the Bay Area. We have plans to eat earlier (6:15ish) dinners at the following places:
Scoma's - (Thursday night) love the cioppino (generally speaking we don't like to eat out on valentine's day just dont think the food is quite up to the usual quality. I've called and confirmed that they will be serving from their normal menu. Would anyone have concerns eating here on V day? My concern is that restaurants are generally extremely busy and the food quality isn't up the normal standard given the rush to get diners in and out.)
Jackson Filmore
R&G - although we could also do lunch here depending upon wait times.

Lunch will more or less depend upon where we are in the City. Although we anticipate at least one Ferry Building stop and perhaps Swan Oyster (depending upon the wait)

We currently have one dinner unplanned and could be interested in checking out Incanto. Would incanto work for an earlier dinner with a child?

Also any not to be missed suggestions (particularly in Nob Hill and Marina area - near the exploratorium) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

We will be staying in Nob Hill but will have access to a car.

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  1. Note that the Exploratorium is closed right now: http://www.exploratorium.edu/visit

      1. Early, Incanto is perfectly fine for well-behaved children who are used to sitting and eating in more formal settings (it's in a more family centered neighborhood) . I'd say it shifts from the family crowd to the 20s-30s yuppie crowd around 7:30 pm or so (once that happens it gets loud and busy and you'll want to be out). Just make sure to have a reservation and go by 6 pm if possible - it will be less busy and there will be other families there.

        Another place to try would be Cotogna which is open for huge portions of the day. Again if you are out of the restaurant by 7/7:30 it will be fine.