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Feb 11, 2013 11:14 AM

Sunday Brunch conundrum

We are a group of 11 women who are looking for a place for brunch. When we are coming to town, there is a large convention the same weekend so many of the restaurants are booked for brunch. Another issue is that we must check out of the hotel at 11 a.m. (on N. Rampart St), where we will store our luggage, walk to brunch, and then return to pick up our luggage in time for someone to make a 3:45 p.m. flight. Commander's Palace does not have a reservation available until 1:00/1:30 p.m., which I am guessing is cutting it a bit close.

Where else would you recommend? Places available on opentable/city eats for a group of 11 include:
Ralph's on the Park
Red Fish Grill

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  1. Is Arnaud's booked? Some friends ate brunch there last month and said it was fine although they were horrified at the prices ($30-something for grits and grillades). I'd just get on line at Galatoire's and wait for the noon opening. Tell the waiter the airplane schedule and he'll get you out in time.

    1. The Roosevelt hotel opens the historic Blue Room for brunch on Sundays. It is a big space and I would be surprised if they couldn't handle a party of 11, but call to find out if that option interests you. The Roosevelt also features a gorgeous lobby and the great Sazerac bar, so it is well worth a visit.

      1. Have you tried Muriel's? Located on St. Ann at Jackson Square, it would be in walking distance and if you are able to get an 11:30 reservation, would allow you to get to the airport in time for your flight.

        1. Cafe Atchafalaya very nice casual bruch with music request downstairs.


          1. We have liked Redfish Grill in the past.