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Feb 11, 2013 10:13 AM

Looking for Dried chilies and Banana Leafs?

Was hoping someone could help me. Planning a Mexican night, I'm going to be grinding up my pork today to make my chorizo, I got my receipe, but it requires a large number of dried chilies that I'm not sure where to find. De Arbol and Guajillo to be exact.

Secondly I'm planning to make a slow roasted pork which calls for Banana leaf to cover the pork while it roasts. I know its not totally necessary but if I could source some I'd really like to try it out.

I'm in Whitby, I know I'm not going to find the banana leaf here, so I'm guessing a trip into Toronto is needed. You think Whole Foods would supply both?

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  1. your best bet i think would be to go to kensington market a few of the stores there would have the chilies you are looking for and maybe the banana leaf as well..\

    for more info and location check this site.

    1. You can usually find frozen banana leaves in Asian supermarkets.

      1. A couple of places to try at St. Lawrence Market both on the lower level:

        Lively Life Foods - in the photo in this link you can actually see dried chilies hanging on the wall behind the storekeeper. There is a phone number so you can call them and ask before making the drive:

        There is also a place on the lower level that says mexican food and ingredients, but I can't remember the name.

        For banana leaf maybe try T&T?

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          Lively Life has banana leaves - they're in the chest freezer in the back of the store, behind the spices. The Latino food place is excellent for chiles: good variety, very fresh. Pick up some molé poblano while you're there.

        2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

          Anyone know where I can find the chilies a bit closer to Whitby? I wont have the time, nor the desire to drive into the city tonight.

          1. You can find both at Tierra Azteca on Bloor just east of Dufferin or either of the pupusa places on Augusta in the market.

            I have definitely seen banana leaves in the frozen food part of Asian grocery stores.