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Feb 11, 2013 10:01 AM

Smack Shack!

Who has been and how was it?!

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  1. Had dinner there Sat. night. Was. not. impressed. Horrible table, with a reservation in a cage in the ceiling. Everything was above average comfort food................w/ lobster. Guacamole, w/ lobster. Mac and cheese, w/ lobster, cioppino, w/ lobster. All of it was OK, but the lobster simply wasn't that good. It was rubbery, not sweet and not briny. It was like Red Lobster lobster. We tried everything, except the straight up boiled lobster and everything w/ lobster was mediocre. And that may be what you should expect in Minnesota. I had the Connecticut lobster, basically lobster and butter on a roll, and there was just no flavor since the lobster had no flavor. It was all just OK; nothing was awesome, which was what I was expecting. Except the Hurricane. I had the what I think was the Smack Hurricane, and it was awesome, except it wasn't big enough, a la Pat O'Brien's. I guess part of the problem is the venue, too. You shouldn't be eating a po'boy or a lobster roll and a beer on a slushy night in Minnesota inside in March. You should be eating them on a picnic table at the shore in July. In any regard, the lobster rolls are a faded version of anything you will find in Boston.

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      Thanks for the review. I had high but somewhat guarded hopes for this place, based on reviews of the lobster rolls from their truck. I'll dodge disappointment and wait for my annual trip to Maine to get my lobster fix.

      1. re: Pwmfan

        I probably should also mention we had the andouille, crab cakes, oyster sliders, shrimp cocktail, mahi mahi and and shrimp po'boy too. All were OK - none were fab.

      2. re: wisperch

        Can I clear something up Smack Shack has been around for a couple years if anyone is surprised by the food its their own fault. Its not a high-end seafood restaurant but a decent one with a more casual setting. I can't speak to the cocktails. I've had the lobster mac n' cheese at 1029 and at the new smack shack where the portion is smaller, you're right its not the best lobster but what did you really expect? In my opinion go for the off the menu Crawfish $7.99/lb thats what I usually get at the Smack Shack. I can't speak to the cocktails, though Parlor is across the street which is undoubtedly probably a better bet.

        1. re: astadtler

          lobster rolls have been around minneapolis for a while. while not a regular item on the menu Jax on university avenue has made excellent lobster rolls on several occasions.

          1. re: zfwp

            As I recall, Stella's (in Uptown) regularly has lobster rolls on the menu. It's been quite a while since I've been there.

        2. re: wisperch

          I found the lobster to be very rubbery as well. For whatever reason, it was much better from the food truck a few years back. Will not be going back.

        3. I've only ever had the lobster roll at the truck, never at the 1029. As of the last one I had (in fall of 2012), I'm still a big fan.