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Feb 11, 2013 09:03 AM

Any good store-bought gravy?

I am planning a mid-Winter Thanksgiving type dinner and ordered most of it prepared from Whole Foods as I enjoy their prepared dishes at the holidays when I haven't been able to spend all day in the kitchen cooking. However, they don't have gravy at this time of year. Are there any store-brought that you like or could recommend?

I am sure that many have great tips on making your own gravy, but was more interested if there were any store brands that you might actually use. I will rather hurried the week of this dinner and while I hear it's a quick fix, rather take one more thing off my plate if I can. TIA.

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  1. We like Heinz "HomeStyle Roasted Turkey Gravy", & I usually always have a jar in the pantry to use with turkey meatballs or hot open-face turkey sandwiches. Obviously it's not going to compare with homemade, but it's decent - especially if you tweak it with a dash of dry white wine or dry sherry.

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      I agree! It is surprisingly good for a bottled gravy and I make really good homemade gravy. I keep a jar on hand for super quick comfort meals with rotissary chicken.

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        Great, thanks. Any thoughts on their other varieties?

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          IIRC I tried the chicken and felt the turkey was much better. I think they have a beef, which I have never tried.

    2. When in a pinch, I use Knorr brand. It's powdered but I like it better than any jarred gravy I have purchased.

      1. No. Every brand I've been served has been an abomination, including the brands mentioned thus far..

        1. I'd opt for taking chic broth, wine, shallots and make a pan sauce, then thicken with cornstarch.

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            Well, my local Whole Foods has come through for me. I called the catering manager directly and he assured it'd be no big deal to make some gravy as they serve roasted turkey everyday. I really enjoy their gravy so I am thrilled that I won't have to bother with it although it'll be good to learn to make it someday.

          2. They won't make any for you? I think WF's turkey gravy is some of best out there for store bought. While I have never asked them specifically for gravy out of season they have been happy to accommodate other out of season requests for me ie: pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry/stuffing stuffed chicken breasts, irish soda bread.

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              Yea, I agree. No, they will. I called back and the catering manager said it was no problem. The catering person I talked to initially gladly put in an order for holiday side dishes, but didn't think they could do the gravy or prepared meats which was kind of confusing to me so I called back to speak with the manager and met success. They are great - he asked "what kind of gravy?" and I remembered my love of their mushroom gravy as well and figured might as well try the chicken gravy too so they are doing them all and preparing 2 ready to cook chickens. I know a lot of people balk at Whole Foods, but this kind of service is much of the reason why I go there.

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                That's the same reason I keep going back too. So glad it worked out for you!