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Feb 11, 2013 07:38 AM

Sausage Casings

Does anyone know of a place to get sausage casings in the Greensboro, NC area?

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  1. Try supermarkets like Whole Foods or Earth Fare that make their own sausage. I purchased some casings from the Earth Fare in Raleigh. For $1.50 I was able to make 15 lds of sausage and still have left over casings.

    1. Giacomo's might be an option. I'm in the Triangle and have seen them at the larger Chinese Grocery stores. Istr a large one opened in Greensboro a year or so ago?

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        There is a large one, the super g. I've never seen them there but I've never looked specifically for them. I'm going there tomorrow so I will check Giacamo's is a good idea. I'm going to Check with whole foods and earth fare as well. Surprisingly none of the local butchers say they have any. Thanks.

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          At Grand Asia in Raleigh I've seen them in a plastic deli style bin by the offal.

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            A & C in Raleigh has them, too. Sounds like Asian groceries might be a good bet. And they may be less expensive there than at someplace fancy like Whole Paychecks.

      2. Cliff's in Carrboro has them. Giacomo's or another butcher shop might sell them. I've bought some through Amazon as well.

        1. Believe it or not- Northern Tool. They have a bunch of meat grinders and the such. You will find them there. I use the natural ones. Tried the fake ones and will never use them again.

          Good luck.

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            Great insight on the Northern Tool. Will try that next time. Manay retailers won't sell them because of liability - reasons. Thanks again!