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Feb 11, 2013 07:36 AM

Report on casual dining in downtown Napa

Spent the weekend in Napa at Andaz. Several chowhounds helped with our request for casual, walkable options from our hotel. We had dinner the first night at Mini Mango directly behind Andaz. Very nice Thai restaurant...we had a variety of appetizers....all were good with nice presentation. The second night we had dinner at The Pearl...a block behind our hotel. it was excellent. We loved the poblano soup and meatloaf. Had a beet salad that was good. Service was excellent. One morning we walked over to the Model Bakery...wasn't impressed with their english muffin breakfast sandwiches...just ok. The breads there looked great but we didn't try them. We drove about ten minutes towards Sonoma for breakfast at a chowhound's suggestion...Boon Fly Cafe....very popular with great service. Breakfast was ok...we had eggs, hashbrowns, ham, bacon and pancakes. Decent but not great. We had lunch at Fish Story one day...nice salads and clam chowder. We had pizza another day in Sonoma at Red Grape....the restaurant is not great inside but if you can snag a table on the patio in the back...great place for a glass of zin with very thin crust pizza and salad.

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  1. Thanks for reporting! I would rely on MiniMango when I worked in downtown for an occasional ethnic meal, but found it generally overpriced, considering. It is trying to be a bit fancier Thai to complement its Napa surrounds, but I prefer my Thai from the city where it is a bit more authentic.

    Glad you enjoyed Pearl. I'm afraid I never had a good meal there but they have been there for ages so there must be some longevity to the place!

    1. Really! I've had the same Pearl experiences, sometimes great, sometimes meh. At least the staff is always fun, and they serve Napa Smith beer.
      My local friends give the thumbs down to Fish Story, and I haven't tried it.
      I've always had great food at Boon Fly. Best burgers ever! Don't miss the bacon bloody mary.