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Feb 11, 2013 07:33 AM

Is Mantra back to being open?

I thought Mantra had closed its doors, but today on there was a valentine's deal.

Did I miss this completely?

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  1. Zombie Restaurant Alert: Mantra is only open to the public for Valentine's Day. Apparently, it's also doing private functions now.

    Which is weird, because I watched them dismantling a lot of the fixtures nearly a year ago (from my Silver Line bus stop), which included the surreal sight of workers rolling a giant metallic-golden ball about three feet in diameter out of the place.

    I can only imagine that that Valentine's special (five course with wine, $100 for two) will embody every nightmarish stereotype of V-Day prix fixes.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Fully Agree - the V-Day "specials" are almost offensive.

      1. re: meeps2002

        It also looks very odd, at least based on the photos provided in the Gilt City offer. The first image: looks nothing like what I remember of the interior of Mantra , which I recall being more like this:

        It's weird and kind of sad. It's like they stripped it down and then later refurnished it using wedding-reception rental furniture. There's also a giant temporary HVAC unit in the middle of the room. Not quite the beautiful, ultra-modern interior design it was once praised for.

      2. re: MC Slim JB

        shucks. For a moment there I thought I might get a chance to use the certificate I have for Mantra.

        1. re: snippet

          You may yet, snippet. One World Cuisine claims there "will be opening a[n] outpost of a smaller, intimate Mantra soon."

          Also, they claim that the current events- and holidays-only incarnation of Mantra on Temple Place doesn't look as crappy as it does in the photos they used for those $100/couple V-Day dinners they're hawking on Gilt City.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I've heard of restricted menus on coupons but not restricted decor ;)