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Feb 11, 2013 07:28 AM

upscale bachelorette dinner suggestions?

Looking for a few recommendations for an upscale bachelorette dinner. It's a surprise so we're trying to avoid asking the bride to be to choose.

Cuisines we're not interested in:
Anything indian/asian/sushi.
Small plates/tapas.

Ideally, we're looking for someplace with an upscale vibe, creative cocktails, good food but not super exotic. Bride to be likes good food but is not a "foodie" by any means. She's very weird about places being "Zagat rated". Restaurants she likes - Butter, One if by Land, Capital Grille.

I guess $50-75 a person price range since it's all females, most likely we won't be eating 3 courses/overindulging in hearty dishes. Anywhere midtown or below will work.


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  1. The NoMad. It hits all your points.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      The NoMad is a great suggestion! They book about four weeks in advance, so don't delay. Take a look at the different rooms they have on their web site, as well, each one has a distinct feel.

      The head of the bar program also oversees their sister restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, and won "Best Restaurant Bar" at Tales of the Cocktail in 2011. His 2nd in command at the NoMad is formerly from Death & Co.

      Also I hope that the bride one day understands that "Zagat rated" only means "enough people voted for us to be listed in the directory." It's kinda like bragging that you're in the phone book, no?

    2. Check out this place called Duo. It is not getting much press but the atmosphere is very slick, the food was excellent very inventive cocktails....28th and Mad.

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          I had my bachelorette dinner there and it was great - we had a nice, round table, a very knowledgable (and patient waiter), and the food was delicious. We ended up just sharing appetizers and that was enough (with 3 bottles of wine), but they have a large menu that suits all tastes and restrictions (we had vegetarians, gluten-free, etc).