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Feb 11, 2013 06:49 AM

ISO a place with a private room for 10 or 12?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a place with a private room or secluded area? I've been charged with researching a location for a 50th birthday party for a dozen or so people. Most of them are in Bethesda so a restaurant up there or on that side of town is preferred, but not required.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. Addie's. Good for your location. We had our rehearsal dinner there. We maxed it out at about 22 or 24 (can't recall exactly), but for 10 or 12 it'd be perfect.

    1. I had a 30th birthday party in the private room at Central, which was lovely.

      1. the palm tysons has a perfect sized room, valet parking and is a quick ride on 495 from bethesda

        1. The private room at 1789 is really pleasant.