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Feb 11, 2013 05:33 AM

What's for Dinner #190 - Valentine's Day Edition [old]

Moving right along on these threads it seems!

Tonight for us, it's going to be leftovers -- diner's choice. On offer is lasagna, cassoulet, prime rib, chicken, and vindaloo. Something for everyone!

The question is Thursday's dinner -- will it be a splurge, or will calmer heads prevail? What do you have planned? And if you're solo, well, love the one you're with!

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  1. In honor of the Chinese New Year, we dined out last night at our favorite local Asian spot.

    Started out by sharing a plate of "Cold Shredded Chicken with Sesame Peanut Sauce" (gotta have New Year's noodles for longevity), followed by "Tangerine Chicken" for hubby & "Garlic Shrimp" for me. Everything was perfectly delicious, with the entrees extra spicy as we requested them. The "Garlic Shrimp" boasted around a dozen large tender shrimp with a decent assortment of veggies - broccoli, carrot, snow peas, bamboo shoot wedges, water chestnuts; & the "Tangerine Chicken" had what had to have been well over a pound of tender juicy white-meat nuggets in a sauce redolent of tangerine peel & chili peppers.

    Needless to say, I'll be enjoying the leftovers for lunch today & tomorrow. :)

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      ALL of your items sound wonderful, Bacardi!

    2. After spending Saturday shovelling sidewalks and driveways, and Sunday morning shovelling out cars (snow removal is a group effort in my wonderful neighborhood), several of us repaired to a new and wonderful Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant nearby for a late lunch in honor of Chinese New Year. The place was packed, we are so happy that they are so successful in the early going. They have probably served more custoemrs in the few months they have been open than the former lousy Chinese place served in their multi-year existence. Long may they prosper.
      Once home I finally got around to making the braised pork and many greens I mentioned in the last thread, and just as it was about done in its 275 oven and I was starting the yellow rice I was planning to have with it, my stove blew up. I kid you not. From the back it started going pow! pow pow! pow pow pow! and big sparks flew out. Naturally I shrieked -- you probably heard me. Then it went quiet and clearly was dead. I called a wonderful neighbor who is unafraid of electricity (well, really of anything) and he came and ascertained that it had not tripped the circuit breaker (weird), which he duly switched off. Then he removed the back of the stove (Kenmore electric range) and diagnosed catastrophic electrical failure. See pic. This is a real blow because (a) it is not that old, I think 5 years, he thinks less, and (b) there is hopefully a kitchen remodel about 4 or 5 years out and I want a really good stove as part of it but have not even begun to decide what (dreams of a Wolf dual-fuel dance in my head, probably unrealistically). Bugger, as a certain Brit of our acquaintance would say.
      So I had my pork and greens which were delicious even without accompanying carb and read the Cookware thread for an hour or two. Here is my plan, your thoughts welcome. I have ordered a single induction burner (knowing that it is much wimpier than a real induction range) to try how I like it. For the time being, I will try to get along with the one burner (probably parked on my dead stove, will have to see what the safety instructions say), my toaster oven and my panini grill. I think I should be able to manage quite nicely for awhile while I try to decide whether to buy the stove of my dreams this far in advance of the remodel or what. Double bugger.

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        Jeez Louise! Glad you are all right and TG for your neighbor! Have you checked Craig's list for used electric griddles etc. I got my rice cooker that way and we love it plus my DIL says it is the equivalent of the oven in Japan. (I know the mods will have a fit if I type more- see you on the cookware board!)

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          YIKES, Gretchen! Very glad you're OK, but damn on the stupid stove/oven only being 5 years old!

          1. re: GretchenS

            Bugger, indeed.

            If 'twas me, I'd buy a very reasonably priced "proper" cooker that would do me the five years and then do the kitchen remodel in without constraints.

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              We bought our Viking stove a full 11 years before our remodel, and we are happy we did, even though our hand was forced. The contractor mistakenly put it out for the bulky waste collection, and that was that. When we re-did our kitchen 4 years ago, we just replaced some of the facings of the stove, new dials, etc, which made it look brand new. Go for it, and I'm glad you are safe.

              1. re: GretchenS

                G.... I think you were lucky you did not have fire. With that in mind your plan sounds good. You can limp along and will be fine until you make your decision. My kitchen went up in flames four years ago and was a real hassle. As long as your diner did not get to overcooked I guess all will be fine.

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                  Wow, scary stove experience! You might want to look a cheap, used stove as a stop gap before remodel.

                  A couple of years ago, my gas range started misbehaving, taking a long time to heat up. I looked at used stoves on Craigslist - many people tear out perfectly good ones when they move in and remodel - with the goal of getting through the next few years before I can remodel. Anyway, my stove ended up only needing a new burner ignitor which involved a $20 part and a couple of YouTube videos for me and spouse to fix.

                  1. re: GretchenS

                    Man! thank goodness there were no injuries, but total bummer on the unexpected expense....

                    1. re: GretchenS

                      Ugh that sucks! Glad it didn't injure you or cause more damage than it did though. Maybe you can find a used stove on Craigslist to use temporarily. I often see people selling very nice and nearly new (sometimes brand new!) appliances in white or black on there because they are remodeling or want stainless steel.

                      1. re: GretchenS

                        Wow. What a story. I am so glad it wasn't worse. If you're okay and so is the house its good thing. You can always get a new stove but there is only one you. Good luck limping along until you get a new stove

                        1. re: GretchenS

                          Wow, what a scare. I'm so glad you are alright. Please stay safe and I hope you figure out what to do next. Keep us posted.

                          1. re: GretchenS

                            Eek, so good to hear you are safe. Five years is not old at all.

                            1. re: Frizzle

                              Thanks all for your kind thoughts and good suggestions, appreciate them all!

                            2. re: GretchenS

                              So sorry to read about your oven Gretchen. Reading that your kitchen re-model is up to 5 yrs out, I don't think you can limp along w one burner for that amt of time and, based on my experience I wouldn't advise purchaing you dream oven now w the full reno that far out. So much can change in 5 years and what seems perfect now may not even be on your radar in 5 years. If I were in your shoes I'd likely look for a used oven at a reasonable price (I found one at a moving sale) then you can still invest in your dream oven when the time comes to rennovate.

                            3. I always like to do some variation on the theme of valentines day. This year it's coney dogs, because of the beef hearts in the coney sauce. Hearts on V-day!

                              1. It'll be leftovers for lunch and dinner for several days ahead!

                                My roasted chicken was very good last night, but I'm *really* looking forward to lunch today - sourdough bread, ever-so-lightly toasted, schmeared with a garlic-herb cheese, layered with some of the roasted chicken, and romaine lettuce. And potato chips. That'll be lunch for a couple of days, while the mac & ham & cheese will be dinner.

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                                  I'd be very happy with that lunch. Did you make some for me?

                                  1. re: roxlet

                                    I've got LOTS, as this was a big birdie, so come on up. I've been working through various ways to use up what chicken was left at home as well.

                                    And I now have another carcass for stock, which will be started on Thursday night (since I have off on Friday). I'm down to only 1-1/2 cups of homemade chicken stock in my downstairs freezer....HORRORS!

                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                      we have SOME chicken leftover as well (some, because the boyfriend Hoovers leftovers as a late night snack after i go to bed.) ours will probably be repurposed as ... tacos! surprise surprise.... yes, sage/goat cheese chicken tacos. luckily, as i said last thread, the flavor of the sage was very muted so i think it'll be fine as taco fillings. nothing a little habanero won't kill.

                                      as for the leftover risotto... i'd be very surprised if there was any.

                                      but, like LW, we have a new carcass to start stock, as we were out too.

                                  2. re: LindaWhit

                                    Yum... I have some chicken leftovers too, and your sandwich makes me want to make a sandwich with it... maybe I'll go pick up a good roll at the store today to make a sandwich for lunch tomorrow :)

                                  3. I have been relieved of hockey attending duties tonight... SO is going to take a friend instead. I am pleased.

                                    So, I will be eating leftovers. Some of the chicken from my COTM chicken from Saturday, and as a side I'll have the "pasta with zucchini sauce" that we made in the cooking matters class on Saturday. It's basically just whole wheat elbows, shredded zucchini that was cooked down with some garlic and olive oil and pasta water, and mashed white beans. Parm cheese added at the end. I'm normally a bean hater but these were were not an issue since they blend in so well with the zucchini sauce.