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Feb 11, 2013 12:15 AM

Takeout Desserts at 8 PM (East Bay)

I picked 8 PM as an arbitrary most-daytime-dessert-purveyors-are-gonna-be-closed boundary.

I run into this problem a few times a year when I want to take home a dessert fancier than, say, a chocolate chip cookie.

UglyPlate says thank you.

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  1. Good topic. There are various frozen dessert places, but I'm guessing you're looking more for baked goods.

    If you're willing to fork over $8-$10 for dessert, lots of mid-range restaurants allow take-out. Call ahead to speed things up. Other than that, until Borgo Italia's pastry chef returns, there's slim pickins after 10pm, even past 8pm. Here are some ideas:

    = Berkeley =
    Fat Apple's , pie until 9pm
    Turkish Kitchen until 10pm, 11 on Fri/Sat

    = Oakland =
    Oasis Food Market until 9:30

    = Worth going to fill a late-night urge, but maybe not during the day =
    Merritt Restaurant & Bakery until 10pm (Oakland)
    Andy's Donut Stop open 24/7 (Richmond) My hit rate here is about 50%, but on a good day they can be superb.

    1. I like Au Coquelet in Berkeley, my favorite is their raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.

      1. Ici is one-stop shopping for delightful ice cream morphing into fancier desserts (baked alaska, bombe, ice cream sandwiches) plus handmade cookies and candies.