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Feb 10, 2013 11:17 PM

If you could have any chocolate for Val Day from a chain store or chocolatier what would you want?

Would love to hear your picks for boxed as well as bars/chunk for milk chocolate especially but dark and white choices are welcome as well. Would like to hear your choice of both readily available in drugstores, dept stores, supermarkets and also from chocolatiers and specialty markets. thanks! North of Boston is a plus for me!

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  1. Teuscher champagne truffles...decadent! Located on Newbury St but also available by mail order.

    1. I would want those little chocolate mice from Burdicks or; the long stem chocolate covered cherries from the Phillips House. Milk chocolate and white chocolate selection for me.

      1. Chocolate truffles from Van Otis.

        1. I like the truffles from Vosges. They may not be the highest quality chocolate, but the flavor combinations are always interesting and fun enough to make up for that...

          1. Fromaggio Kitchen Cambridge for an assortment of dark chocolate bars. Staff is very knowledgable and helpful.

            Burdicks Cambridge for boxed chocolate.

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              At Formaggio, you can also put together a selection of boxed chocolates. They have a wide assortment with lots of flavor combinations.