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Feb 10, 2013 11:03 PM

Restaurant Week -- What happened?

Anyone know what happened to DC Winter Restaurant Week this year? It's usually in early to mid-January, and many restaurants had extended it for an extra week or more.

This year it moved to February, and it looks like only a half dozen places are extending it beyond the single week.

I'd assumed it moved because of the inauguration, but that was just a guess. Inside story, anybody?

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  1. Most places are not extending it because then it would run into Valentine's Day, which is always a bit of a mad show in restaurants (seriously---stay home!).

    It was moved up because of Inauguration. Technically it wasn't probably actually needed this year (RW traditionally was created to fill the time in the year when restaurants were more empty after the holidays). That said---I had 2 excellent meals at Sushi Taro and Birch and Barley.

    1. I wanted to report on one particularly egregious Restaurant Week "special." On Saturday we ended up at 1905. We didn't go there because of RW, but realized they had a RW special while there. However, 1905 added surcharges to many of their dishes in such a manner that only one particular combo would provide any discount (and such discount was $1) as compared to ordering a la carte. For example, the $25 lamb had a $5 RW surchage above the $35. Other combos would break even, but in most cases the RW "special" was more expensive than ordering the same items a la carte.

      While we enjoyed the food, I found the restaurants pricing to be, at best, ridiculous, and, at worst, manipulative. It seems that the only reason that the restaurant even participated in RW was to trick customers into spending more money for the exact same items. I know that RW at many places is not as good a deal as it seems, but this was the first time that I saw a restaurant acitvely make it a terrible deal for the customer.