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Feb 10, 2013 10:45 PM

Ragin' Cajun recommendations?

I'm going to Room 5 (above Amalfi Ristorante on La Brea) to hear someone sing this Tuesday (Feb. 12th). I've gotten an e-mail from Amalfi (which also supplies the food to Room 5) that Ragin' Cajun is taking over the kitchen that particular night. Something about Mardi Gras. I know Ragin' Cajun used to have a restaurant in Hermosa Beach and the one person I know who ate at the old place said their food (etouffee) was "just okay." Nobody I know has eaten at their trucks which is their current incarnation. Since I'm not much of a drinker, I'll try to order a meal or something to support the club. Any suggestions would be appreciated if anybody is familiar with the trucks.

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  1. I agree their crawfish etouffee was just mediocre. I'm not sure what they'll be serving that night, but I'd eat before you go, and then you won't be disappointed and hungry...just disappointed. Maybe stick with ordering a shrimp po'boy if they offer it.

    1. We went once back in '10 I think and I liked the gumbo and the blackened catfish.

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        Thanks for the information, I do appreciate your replies. Unfortunately, I might be coming down with something so it'll be a "game time decision" if I make it out there tonight.