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Feb 10, 2013 10:07 PM

Memorable, delicious lunch options

Hi All,

As some may, but most probably won't, remember, I posted here a few months back prepping for my upcoming trip to NYC. Thanks so much for all your input then, but I am back because my plans have changed a bit and I could use some help.

I am not looking for something a bit down the opulence scale than I was previously with my 4 star aspirations. Right now, I need something( that will be delicious, affordable, and memorable, all while still feeling kinda special. I am looking into Ciano, Mission Chinese, or ABC Kitchen. (I know, really across the board!) Aldea was a thought, but the limited choices shut it out.

Each have their pluses and minuses
Ciano -rec'd to me by a chef friend, wish they offered a fresh pasta for the pf.
Mission- So hyped and I am sure we will enjoy, but with only two of us, how much can we seriously eat?
ABC KItchen- I can't find that they still offer the lunch pf. Anyone have it recently?

Those were just ideas, I welcome more from the board. Thanks so much!

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  1. Tocqueville. I've had two lunches there, and for the price, I'd be hard pressed to imagine anything beating the delicious food, gracious service and civilized overall experience.

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      from your 3 original choices, definitely ABC, but agree with Pan that Tocqueville would be perfect. Consistent as can be, always delicious.

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        By the way, RGR always spoke highly of Tocqueville. I hope she's still around to read this post. She was always gracious, passionate, and informative.

    2. See also this discussion on lunch prix fixes:

      I love Mission Chinese and it is very affordable but doesn't really feel special to me (assuming you mean special occasion). You can definitely try quite a few things with 2 people.

      ABC might work if you like the shabby chic and ABC Carpet & Home aesthetic. But it's not terribly "special occasion" if that, again, is what you want. I still see the lunch prix fixe on their site -- you have to drag down the dark square on the scrollbar. If you really want to be sure, I'd call and ask.

      1. Tocqueville and ABC Kitchen are excellent choices for a delicious lunch. ABC is definently the more casual of the two whereas Tocquaville feels formal but in a relaxing way. Another choice for a "special feeling" would be Asiate. They offer a prix fix menu for lunch and the views and setting are gorgeous.

        1. Thanks for all the input. I misspoke a little with "special occasion" I meant something I can't really find here in Philly. We have wonderful Italian, kinda turning me from Ciano