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Feb 10, 2013 08:00 PM

New cuban restaurant in Columbia Heights

Noticed this bright little restaurant on Park Road last night, and it turns out they serve up some delicious food! We enjoyed the ropa vieja and fried pork bits, served with scrumptious fried yucca (other choices include fried plantains, but the yucca was really outstanding). Yummy buttery rice and beans accompanied, and the total came to $22. No liquor license yet.

The service was really friendly and accommodating, food came out quickly. I really want to return to try the Cuban sandwich, saw that at another table and it looked great. They also serve a Cuban breakfast, which could be a fun brunch option.

Really a lovely place, that serves simple but very well-prepared food.
Blanking on the name and can't find a website, but it's right on Park Road a few doors down from Pho 14 in the direction of 14th.

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  1. Mi Cuba - 1424 Park. No website yet.

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    1. re: DanielK

      Hamster...that is my favorite block for food right now. The Dominican restaurant next door, Los Hermanos, has great stewed ox tail, rice and beans, roast pork etc.

      1. re: shake N baik

        Good tip! If only the ramen popup were still there, the block would be even stronger!
        By the way, the crepes at Coffy Cafe around the corner are pretty solid, and it's a nice space to hang out.

        1. re: shake N baik

          No reason posted in the window, but Mi Cuba was not open tonight. All the chairs were up and the lights were off.

          Should have taken your tip on Los Hermanos, because we went to Pho 14 and had a pretty rotten meal.

        2. re: DanielK

          Do they have masitas (marinated fried pork) or rabo encendido (braised oxtail), chilindron (goat)?

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            They have masitas and it's delicious. I don't think they have the others.

        3. Mi Cuba Café: I went back for a return trip yesterday, and this is really a great neighborhood place. Yucca was not as freshly fried and delicious as last time, but the chicken, rice and beans was a winner. Such a great value ($10 for a plate of chicken, rice, beans, yucca (or you can get plantains); enough for 2 meals for me) and a very pleasant and cheery atmosphere, a tad noisy.

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          1. re: hamster

            I've been posting about this place frequently on One of my favorite new arrivals to the city in the last year. Cheap, great (rivals the best Cuban I had when I lived in SoFla in the 80s), and super friendly staff.

            1. re: DanielK

              Good to hear! What are your favorite dishes there?

              1. re: hamster


                Love the empanadas and croquetas. For entrees, the ropa vieja, vaca frita, and any of the pork dishes. Have had a couple of the sandwiches (excellent), but haven't made it to the seafood or soups yet.

          2. I stopped in for the lechon asado. The white rice and plaintains were excellent. The black beans were very good.

            The roast pork looked delicious with a tangle of grilled onions. It is not served as a slice, but rather various pieces. Predominantly salty, and unfortunately missing the characteristic hit of citrus that would come from bitter orange or similar. No gravy... sad face.

            I'll go back to try some other items.