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Feb 10, 2013 07:46 PM

Key West and Miami Beach Restaurants- in late March

My daughter and I will be going to Key West for 3 nights. We want to eat at Pisces and at Louie's Back Yard. I especially like seeing the sunset. We also plan to have lunch or breakfast at Blue Heaven. We welcome suggestions on places to eat.
On our drive down from Miami, does anyone have a suggestion on a good old down home restaurant on the water that serves seafood?
I will be in South Beach for a few nights before my daughter arrives. Any suggestions on good places to eat? 4 friends and I will just be back from Cuba so it might be fun to try a Cuban restaurant in Miami.

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  1. Key West
    While walking around Keywest be sure to stop off at Garbo's grill food stand for fish taco or burrito. It's one of the best fish tacos I'vew had. They have a little area with tables to sit and eat your food.

    We also enjoyed Black Fin Bistro - they have a nice outside dining area if the weather is good.

    Another breakfast idea would be Le Craperie

    A & B Seafood near the docks in Keywest is supposed to be really good. I missed it last time I was in Key West

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I read that Pisces is really pricey - $69 for the mango signature shrimp. Are most of the entrees that high? Is it worth it to go there?

      I think we will also look into Paseos which you suggested in another post. 7 Fishes sounds great. Have you heard about of Hot Tin Roof? They supposedly have a great view of the sunset but I wonder what the food is like?

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        Paseo is good and inexpensive. Counter service. The grilled corn is amazing.

        We enjoy Pisces but it is a bit expensive. Seven fish is a good choice instead and is less expensive. You must get reservations though, the place is very small. You won't be disappointed with the food at either place.

        Someone was mentioned Hot Tin Roof for the sunset but didn't mention anything about the food. I'll ask them about that.