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How to find a great personal chef? [moved from Boston board]

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Can anyone give me some tips for finding a great personal chef (e.g. for a dinner in my home)? What should I look for, what questions should I ask, how I should find one, etc.?

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  1. There are other threads on this if you search the boards. My suggestion is to call a local culinary school.

    1. Why not use a caterer?

      1. You're looking for someone who wants to cook what you want to eat, so just make sure you're honest about that - if you say "healthy food" but actually want to eat mac and cheese and fried chicken and no vegetables every night (no judgement here, just a for instance) you might not mesh well. Also make sure you ask if their rates are hourly or per serving. Good personal chefs will have a lot of questions for you, too.

        And I'll ditto calling culinary schools (full disclosure: I work at one of them). Best of luck!

          1. Look for local recommendations. Start with chefs who may advertise their services in your area and see if you can find online reccs for them. Your local foody discussion board, or your locality discusssion board would also be good sources.

            You know what service you would want. Inherently, that should provide the questions you need to ask.