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Feb 10, 2013 07:04 PM

Best Seafood restaurant in Miami (preferably sobe)?

I'm going to be in Miami next week. My husband and I definitely want to have a nice dinner out with amazing seafood.
Can someone recommend a spot? We'd prefer south beach since we are staying there but we're willing to travel if the place is worthwhile :)

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  1. Joe's Stone Crab
    Milos (expensive)
    Alta Mare

    1. Milos has outstanding fish and seafood but not local (it's all flown in from the Mediterranean mostly) and is very expensive.

      Altamare has more of a local seafood focus, nice place, bit of an Italian tilt to the menu.

      I'd also recommend Florida Cookery - it's not a "seafood restaurant" but Kris Wessel always has at least a couple local seafood dishes on the menu (and the New Orleans style BBQ shrimp are alone worth a visit).

      In the same hotel, a new seafood-focused place called Catch (NY transplant) has also opened up.

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        I have not heard amazing things about catch so far...

      2. Just came back from Miami. I've been to Joe's stone crab for lunch and Milos for dinner. Both are very good. I lived in Mediterranean for 30 years and Milos can easily be a star in the region. Yes, it is very pricey but don't forget it is not cheap to have best available seafood flown directly form mediterranean to Miami. Joe's stone crabs are outragously tasty, can not get enough of them...

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          Milos actually does have a restaurant in Athens.

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            Yes, I just saw it. I was thinking that it won't survive in Greece with the Miami prices they have and I was right. Their 6-course pre-fix dinner menu in Athens is 45 Euro ($60) which includes squid, octopus, sea bass, greek salad, variety of carpaccio and tartar as well as desert. Only octopus and salad was about that price in Miami...:o)