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Feb 10, 2013 05:23 PM

Middle Eastern north of Lincoln Park but in the city?

Coming in from Charlotte for a weekend. Any non-Turkish places that work?

What's Masouleh like?

Also, how long of a wait at Jam about 1 on a Sunday?


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  1. There is a middle eastern community on the northwest side with a number of very good family-owned restaurants. My favorites are Semiramis and Noon-o-Kebab on Kedzie, nearly across street from each other.

    I'm not familiar with Masouleh.

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      +1 on Semiramis. I'm a big fan of the lamb.

      1. re: camusman

        Semiramis is good, as is Salam across the street (a little less expensive and more casual - not that Seiramis is expensive or stuffy).

    2. Reza's has a location in Andersonville.

      >> Also, how long of a wait at Jam about 1 on a Sunday?

      I was there today from about 11:45 to 1:15. Waits were minimal, with only 4-10 people waiting throughout that time. However, today was probably atypical, since it was raining steadily. I'm sure some people didn't want to go out at all today, especially not to a restaurant where they might risk having to wait outside in the rain.

      At most of our breakfast-focused restaurants, waiting times on Sundays are at a peak from 9:30 on, and start winding down at around 1:00 or so. I can't tell you for sure - maybe someone who has been there on other Sundays could tell you - but I would guess that lengthy waits at 12:30 probably turn into little to no waiting at 1:30, if other restaurants are any indication.

      1. Two neighborhoods offer multiple choice. 1) Kedzie just below Lawrence has Al Khayam and Noon-o-Kebab. 2) Clark just above Foster has Reza's and Andie's. Both neighborhoods have Middle Eastern groceries in case you want to shop for something to take home---Al Khayam also has a big grocery store/bakery and the Clark strip has PARS across the street from Reza's and Middle Eastern Grocery & Bakery on Foster just one door west of Clark (and come to think of it there is an Algerian creperie on that corner, as well).

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        1. re: Querencia

          I didn't mention Reza's or Andie's because, while they are Middle Eastern, I don't think they hold a candle to the options on Kedzie.

          1. re: chicgail

            The options on Kedzie are also my preference, and have the benefit of being near Nazareth Sweets, one of my favorite bakeries of any type in the city.

            To get there via public transit, take the Brown Line train toward Kimball, exit at Kedzie, and the options listed above will be steps away.

            Nazareth Sweets
            4638 N Kedzie Ave

        2. My favorite of the places mentioned is Semiramis. Pleasant atmosphere, BYOB, nice people and excellent food. A great combo.