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Feb 10, 2013 05:23 PM

Buying fish in brownstone Brooklyn

Will you help me raise the standards bar for fish mongers in Brooklyn? Most times, I buy from The Blue Moon from the Greenmarket, and couldn't be more pleased. However, in winter I use, and enjoy supporting, our local purveyors, but have been disappointed. To wit: tonight's wild salmon, purchased at the Park Slope store on 7th Ave & 3rd Street, was mushy, suggesting it had been frozen. Last year, I was sold non-scallops from the other fish store @ 7th Ave. If we all speak up, perhaps we can get the quality of food we deserve. Whaddya think?

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  1. I get confused about the names of the farmers market fish vendors, but There is a fishmonger at GAP farmers market this winter - Id go there in preference to the local shops

    as far as wild salmon goes, i think its rare at this time of year , except frozen. Costco is not offering it currently for example Do a search and you will see how widespread mislabeling of salmon and other fish is. Fairway has whole fish from a local fisherman which often looks fresh and includes some bargain fish like porgy - cleaned and boned, its a great deal so in a few weeks that options should be available again.

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      Seatuck is the Winter fish vendor at the GAP saturday greenmarket - I think (though I may be wrong) that they also sell at the Sunday seasonal market next at 4th St and 5th avenue. Ive been satisfied with my purchases from them.

    2. The only issue with the wild salmon, assuming its is truly wild, was that it was not labelled "defrosted". There is no fresh wild salmon available at all at this time of year. Most markets will point out that their fish was defrosted. If it was mushy though, it was probably not treated well, possibly frozen and thawed multiple times.

      1. Completely agree with the OP, Blue Moon is amazing and have had negative experiences with everything else, including Fish Tales. Is there anywhere in Brooklyn that has really good fish or seafood? Would be so grateful for a lead.

        1. When we really want fish during the week we go to Natureland above the Q station on Flatbush Ave. We stick to the basics and the fish has always been good and fresh smelling. The counter is busy and they seem to have a high turnover.

          1. Salmon is going to be frozen regardless, they're not pulling it out of the LI Sound every morning it goes on ice as soon as its caught. You should be concerned with when was it thawed and filleted. If that was done 3 days ago and it's been sitting on ice, or worse wrapped in plastic in a fridge you're getting crappy fish.

            High turnover = fresh fish.

            I have yet to find a good fish store in brooklyn. But I havent driven to Chinatown yet which probably has some good options. People say fairway but last time I got lobsters from there they werent great. Had been swimming in the tnak for too long.