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Feb 10, 2013 05:22 PM

Give me recipes that use kaffir lime leaves!

So I got a kaffir lime tree about a month ago and I have been collecting the leaves every time I find them on the ground and and have been putting them in the fridge for later use. I've used them in a couple things, but I have 20-30 leaves right now and I'm looking for some new recipes to use them in before they go bad. Thai recipes are welcome, but I'm also looking for other cuisines/fusions to use them in. Thanks all

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  1. I used this recipe for boneless skinless theighs.... it's quite good (on the bbq).

    Are Kaffir trees hard to grow?

    1. I made this beet soup recipe recently and was flabberghasted by how delicious it is.

      Wiki says Makrut is the same as kaffir.
      I saved remaining leaves in freezer.

      If I had lots of these leaves, I'd steep them and make a shrub. Not really sure how, but that would be so refreshing.

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        I've made Susan feniger's coconut curry caramel popcorn a couple of times and love it. It's very different and can be as spicy or mild as you like. I particularly like the lime leaves in it.

      2. Any Tom Yum Thai soup recipes should call for the leaves. Made a shrimp Tom Yum soup with all of the usual Thai ingredients including the leaves this weekend and it was wonderful.