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Feb 10, 2013 05:20 PM

Asheville - What's Near Tunnel Road (Homewood Suites)?

We will be spending about a week in town, based at Homewood Suites on Tunnel Road. Of course, I'm searching this board to find some great places to eat!

I'm also looking for recommendations for good eats (dinner) closer to the hotel, just in case I don't have time or want to drive a longer distance for dinner. Any price range, any cuisine, but preferring something casual.


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  1. Mostly chain restaurants on Tunnel Road proper but you're less than a 5 minute drive to all of the wonderful options in downtown and Biltmore Village. Try a search for Asheville on this board and you'll find lots of great information!

    1. You can get downtown in about 5 minutes from your hotel, so that gives you lots of options. Plus, Asheville isn't that can drive almost anywhere in 15 minutes or so. Downtown places I like include Curate, Zambra, Tupelo Honey, Salsa's, Storm and there are many more.

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        Just what I was going to say! Asheville is not that large. S. Asheville/ Airport area would be a hike, but most restaurants of interest will be a short drive.

        Downtown is very walkable and your hotel should have maps. Most street parking is metered. There are several parking garages scattered through the area.

      2. Agree with all. If you're looking for something you can walk to (i.e. safely drink up at dinner w/out having to drive) ...then you're screwed, because Tunnel road is basically chain-central. But if you don't mind getting in the car, you're in downtown in 5 minutes unless maybe at rush hour. Just take a look at one of the many threads on Asheville's dining choices.

        1. Thanks for all these suggestions!

          Now, to complicate just a bit any of the recommended places have super convenient parking? I know sometimes when I go to downtown places (in other cities), the parking (finding, paying, walking to restaurant, etc, etc) adds an extra hour to the excursion! There will be some evenings where I won't have lots of time and am trying to find good food during the time I have.

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            Not downtown, but in the River ARts District, the Junction has easy parking right across the street in a big gravel lot.

            Downtown, Storm Rhum Bar has pretty easy on street parking. Both Storm and Curate are close to the new public parking under the Aloft hotel.

            Zambra is close to the Rankin st. parking deck.

            In west asheville, Sunny Point has it's own lot (assuming it's not full). The Admiral is largely on street free parking.

            If you were going to Tupelo Honey or Salsa, i'd probably park in the pay lot on the corner of Patton and ...whatever that street is right before you get to Pack Square.

          2. East Village Grille is 3.1 miles and Pomodoras Greek and Italian Cafe is 2.8 miles from your hotel on Tunnel Rd.. Both have there own parking lot and are casual.

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              Not to be snarky, but I'm not familiar with either of those, and I don't recall ever seeing them mentioned on this board before. Are they in the same league as The Admiral and Curate (to name 2 of Asheville's best) taste wise?

              1. re: carolinadawg

                I've had good luck at Pomodoros. Pretty good Italian actually. Good bread and olive oil dipping sauce. Has sort of a chain-restaurant feel though which is why I never think to go there. Of course nothing like Admiral and Curate, but that's what makes those two so special. And it would be close to her hotel.

                As far as parking downtown, map out the three parking garages (Biltmore Ave, Wall Street, Rankin) and use those. You'll save yourself lots of time vs hunting for street parking which can be difficult. The new one on Biltmore adjacent to the Aloft is a godsend! And ditto Danna on The Junction for a parking lot and excellent food. We had brunch there last Saturday that blew our minds!

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                  Pomodoros and The Admiral and Curate are totally different sorts of places. Pomodoros is not going to be a "must visit" but it reliably delivers good food at a good price. Pomodoros has very decent food, sometimes really great food. I find their specials to be quite solid. They do a nice job with picatas, marsalas. A friend (former Moosewood chef) raved about the duck.

                  When I lived in Asheville I ate there with some frequency, especially during the summer when the downtown restaurants were crazy busy with tourists. It is far enough away from the prime areas to seldom have a long wait.

                  Pomodoros (I have never tried their South location) is comfortable, service has often been worlds better than what you get downtown, and the food good! Full bar too if that is of interest.