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Has anyone taken a class at Mia Chef Gelateria?

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I saw a special for the gelato making class for two people and it looked like fun. Does anyone have any experiences taking a class here? The website is: http://www.gelatomia.com/ . Most importantly, is the gelato that good?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. I took it about two years ago with a LivingSocial deal and really enjoyed it. I went with a friend and there were six of us in total in the class. I learned a lot, and the gelato is really, really good.

    Go when they're running a special for the class - I don't think the full price is worth it.

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      Thanks! I think it was AAA where my husband saw the discount deal.

    2. I took the class recently, it was ok, you get 4 pints of gelato to take home, more than we could ever finish in a week, tasting the gelato fresh out of the machine was my favorite part.

      You really can't make your own gelato unless you buy a very expensive machine, but it was fun to see how it's made.