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Feb 10, 2013 05:06 PM

Garlic and Herb Potato Stacks

I found this recipe in a Raleys (local grocery chain) magazine and have been making it nonstop for months now. Along the way I've stopped using muffin tin and started using CI skillet which makes it's faster. I've also subbed out olive oil for the butter so it's healthier. Now that my 'garden' is asleep I'm using dried herbs, generally oregano, sage and thyme. I make them in a little 6" skillet for the two of us and made it in a big skillet when our adult kids were here recently. This has pretty much become my go-to startch. The picture shows it a little on the burned side. I cover for 25 minutes and uncover for 20. Last night the rest of the meal took a little longer and I didn't turn down soon enough. But you get the picture. SO good!
ETA: That little skillet's worth takes only two not too large Yukon golds.

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  1. Looks good - I have that same pan and will give a try thanks for posting.

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    1. Looks good - thanks for the link.

      What do you think would be a good sub if Dry Jack cheese is unavailable?

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        Oops, I forgot to mention that I generally use plain ole sharp Cheddar cause I always have it on hand. I think the first time I bought dry Jack but not since. I don't think any of my changes have lessened the flavor one bit.

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          Thanks! I imagine a nice aged parmesan or aged goat gouda would work well too.