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Feb 10, 2013 05:04 PM

Union Minneapolis

Has anyone been to Union yet downtown?

I've heard outstanding things about the suckling pig but not much about the rest of the menu.

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  1. I was there a couple weeks ago, and we tried bunch of food and nothing really stood out beyond the duck liver parfait.

    The menu is broken down into 4 different sections. One of the sections is "to share". There were 3 of us dining that night, and we wanted to get as much of the menu as possible to try it, so we ordered 5 small/mid plates and 2 entrees.

    The problem was with the shared section was that they wouldn't bring out a portion for 1 of anything, it would have to be for 3, because there were 3 of us at the table. I get it, a portion for 1 would have been small, but we had 5 other starter plates for 3 people, I said I think we have enough food, we just wanted to see the dish, and try it(seafood platter) they wouldn't budge on it, and insisted that if we ordered it, we would pay $18 x 3 for the seafood course. Completely tacky. Plattering starters has long been a steakhouse server "upsell" touch that would never need to be printed on a menu, but the Union feels the need to corporatize it and become inflexible, which imo is the complete contradiction to hospitality.

    The meatballs were overworked and bland.

    The kale salad was a mess, overdressed and out of proportion.

    The duck liver pate was tasty, creamy and rich.

    The beef tartare was decent, not enough salt or acidity.

    the oysters were fine.

    For entree, the suckling pig was a meh. A bunch of greasy confit with inedible skin, which I was hoping to be the star. It was too tough to actually eat.

    Veal Breast was dry and the white beans were overcooked to a point of being dry.

    Service was pretty good, the winelist is aggressively expensive and the cocktails seemed to err on the side of too sweet.

    we skipped dessert.

    I expected more considering the hype the chef had. Not in a hurry to get back.

    1. It has been two months since we had dinner there and we still talk about what a mess it was that evening...
      A Saturday night at 7:30 in the midst of the holiday season one would not expect to see so many open tables-that was the first thing that was strange. Our Open Table reservation didn't work but after a few minutes of trying to figure out if they could seat the four us they some how managed-again we're talking 12+ tables open.
      The food...
      the starters of donuts and pork and pickles were fine. The kale salad and the baby lettuce salad were swimming in dressing-so what can you do?
      The entrees were where the wheels came completely off the bus.
      The two who ordered the ribeye thought it lacked flavor and had not sat long enough for the juices to settle. Mix that with the beets and bearnaise and it the least appetizing looking plate. The rainbow trout was mushy-the only texture was that of mush and it was lukewarm. The skate was also a mess the whole thing tasted off and again the texture was one note-soft.
      Service was fine-the room was quiet and the place looks amazing.
      Too bad we left completely unsatisfied.
      After speaking with some friends who have also been there they will not be returning-several of them had oysters and became ill. Another friend also was completely underwhelmed with their meal.
      I don't get the hype at all.
      I would stop in maybe for a drink in the summer to check out the roof top but as far as eating there again? I don't think so.